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Dreams Unlimited

Dreams Unlimited Serviced Accommodation operates and manages Serviced Accommodation in UK. Our current portfolio includes Direct Management of 35 Serviced Accommodation Units, Marketing agreements with 100s of Serviced Accommodation providers, and an Investor Client partnerships of several million £.

Our Values: Create, Connect and Inspire. 
Our Vision: End of Homelessness in the world. People are free to BE and living a life of their dreams. 
Our Mission:  To adapt, innovate and continuously improve our performance to serve our customers in an exceptional way.  To actively contribute to a world that works for everyone.

About Us - Dreams Unlimited Founders

Shweta & Rajesh - Founders

Shweta and Rajesh met when they were teens and have been on a crazy adventure ever since! Rajesh is a Marine Engineer by profession and musician by soul. Shweta is a dreamer, romantic and a people's person. Both Shweta and Rajesh are adventurers at heart. Their life has been a myriad of experiences - sailing on oil tankers, living life on the road as rockstars, living the corporate life managing a fleet of ships with BP, running a Pub, doing Music production... the list goes on. Very soon it became evident that what they really wanted was to be FREE and make a difference with people and empower them to live a life of their dreams. The couple fell in love with the creative possibilities and highly leveraged financial returns that the Property world promised. Rajesh trained himself rigorously in the various strategies that could be employed to make the most of the opportunity. Dreams Unlimited was conceived in 2015 and born in 2017 with an objective to make dreams and freedom available to people through investing in Properties. They used their experience from the multitude of industries to create systems that are simple and effective.  The couple is now working on creating a Franchise model for their Serviced Accommodation Business such that others can benefit from their successes.

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